WRFotron automatises WRFChem simulations with reinitialised meteorology.

Quick Start

WRFotron loads pre-built CEMAC modules for WRFChem, preprocessors, Python, NCO, NCL, and ncview.

  1. Clone WRFotron:

    git clone


    You will need to do this on your HPC (e.g. ARC4) and then check within config.bash that chainDir is set correctly. For users that require their own executables or that are from outside of the University of Leeds, you can manually compile them using the instructions here.

  2. Make the CEMAC modules available:

    . /nobackup/cemac/


    If have other modules loaded then unload them (module purge), and similarly deactivate conda (conda deactivate), as both of these can cause conflicts.

  3. Submit a simulation:

    . master.bash 2015 10 12 00 24 06